Samantha Baines on The Night the Moon Went Out

“It's important that we talk about disability and deafness so that children and others see themselves represented”

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Words by Samantha Baines | 27 Nov 2023

Award-winning comedian, actress and hearing-aid wearer, Samantha Baines, on her book The Night the Moon Went Out, hearing loss and advice for those with disabilities.

1. UK Disability History Month is all about breaking down negative barriers and stereotypes that are associated with having a disability. Why is it important for you to spread awareness about hearing loss and deafness?

There are 12 million people in the UK with some form of hearing loss or deafness but when I was told I needed a hearing aid at 29-years-old, I felt so alone. It's important that we talk about disability and deafness so that children and others see themselves represented. It is also important that non-disabled people understand how to make environments more accessible and have strong disability awareness, don't make us the problem, we can all flourish together.

2. In your powerful children's book, The Night the Moon Went Out, the main character Aneira is a hearing-aid wearer. What message do you hope young readers will take away from this story?

I would love young deaf readers to see themselves in Aneira and non-deaf readers to understand a little more of what it’s like to live with hearing loss and hearing aids. It is also an adventure story at its heart and Aneira is brave and inquisitive, having hearing aids doesn't hold her back from being an adventurer.

3. You've achieved lots throughout your career, from stand-up to acting and presenting. What piece of advice do you have for other budding TV stars who are impacted by a disability?

Your disability is a strength. I am sorry that you will meet people who don't understand or who have little awareness but that’s not on you it is on them. Keep shining, believe in yourself and let me know if I can help in any way.

4. Who has been a big role model for you?

There are so many incredible deaf and disabled people rocking the world and running awesome campaigns like Sophie Morgan and her 'Rights on Flights' campaign, brilliant actresses like Rose Ayling-Ellis and Ruth Madeley, excellent authors like Raymond Antrobus, Elle McNicoll, Cerrie Burnell.

5. How do you hope to carry on making an impact for future generations?

I don't know about an impact but I will always carry on doing my thing. I will definitely be writing more books with deaf protagonists and standing up and using my voice if I see injustice or discrimination. I would love to help new actors/authors/spokespeople in any way I can so that there are more disabled people in positions of power and responsibility as I think this is important for all of us to see.

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