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7 new crafts to try in 2024

Words by Bloomsbury | 05 Jan 2024

If you’re hoping to take up a new craft this year, check out our latest book releases and discover the art of linocut, try your hand at an endangered craft or learn how to crochet your favourite Shakespeare characters.

1) Make your own beautiful linocut prints

By taking inspiration from everyday life, Sam helps you to build your confidence with observational drawing. Featuring step-by-step projects, the book demonstrates a range of skills with low-cost materials to produce simple linocuts, reduction linocuts and colourful multi-block prints. You will also learn more experimental techniques such as combining monoprint, chine collé, jigsaw linocuts and rainbow rolls and pick up handy tips on subjects such as 'noise' and editioning your prints.

2) Enhance your dinner parties
Design and Create Contemporary Tableware

The tableware we use is very important in our everyday lives, whether plates, bowls, mugs, cups or teapots. This stylishly illustrated guide helps budding and established ceramicists alike to create practical and attractive ranges, starting with design principles, working through appropriate construction techniques, and leading on to decoration and finishes.

3) Be more sustainable
Hook, Prod, Punch, Tuft

Textile artist Lynne Stein gives advice on materials, tools and equipment, and provides step-by-step directions – accompanied by vibrant instructional photographs – for 20 projects exploring playful design and quirky creativity, including rugs, cushions, bags and personal accessories. There are also lots of helpful hints on sustainably repurposing fabrics, yarns, and other precious and useful items that might otherwise be discarded.

4) Bring more colour into your life
Hand-painted Textiles

Lifelong textile designer Sarah Campbell takes you through her world of pattern and colour to uncover the joys of design from dots, stripes and checks to more surprising decorative solutions. Painting straight onto fabric is a very different experience to designing for digital production. Everything is unique, the placing of the patterns and colours is in your hands. The beauty is that the pattern doesn't have to repeat - there can be just one bird or just one square, if it's in the right place. Beautifully illustrated with Sarah's colourful and internationally acclaimed work, her fabric designs show the comforting rhythm and universal language of pattern.

5) Learn about an endangered craft
Straw Plaiting

Straw plaiting has been used to make accessories from hats and baskets to handbags, trimmings and homewares around the world for centuries. Once employing tens of thousands of people in the UK alone, the craft is now listed as Critically Endangered on Heritage Crafts' Red List. This book aims to change that, drawing on more than 50 previously unpublished patterns and techniques from around the world that will help you to unlock the history and preserve the skills of straw plaiting.

6) Uncover new techniques
Ash Glazes

Forever curious and eager to learn new things about ceramics, Phil Rogers constantly tinkered with clay bodies, glaze formulae and approaches to firing. This volume is his seminal work on transforming ash into glaze: an essential text for all potters and ceramicists with additional relevance today with its focus on prioritising the use of natural resources. Ash Glazes examines the practicalities of collecting and testing wood ashes, demonstrates the process of making them into glazes and offers a step-by-step guide to using them to decorate your pots.

7) Enter the world of ‘Woolliam Shakespeare’ 
Hooked on Shakespeare

Published to coincide with the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare's First Folio being published, this fabulous collection of creations ranges from the iconic Romeo and Juliet to Hamlet and the Ghost, and from the Three Witches from Macbeth to Bottom and Titania from A Midsummer Night's Dream. Not forgetting the one and only Woolliam Shakespeare himself.


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