Staff Networks

It is vital that people of all backgrounds and identities at Bloomsbury have a voice and feel welcomed, supported and heard within the company. Our Staff Networks are inclusive communities for underrepresented groups and allies within the business, driving meaningful change and conversation across Bloomsbury in all areas related to diversity, equity and inclusion. All Networks are employee-led, and recognised and resourced by the company.

Staff Networks at Bloomsbury


The Multi-Faith Network aims to build community, to welcome all and to be a safe space in which to share our faiths and ask questions. The Network welcomes anyone practising or curious about any faith.

Network Co-Chairs: Ros Ellis and Rosie Barr

[email protected]


Bloomsbury’s Pride Network provides support and a safe space for all of the company’s LGBTQ+ staff. Together, we work to increase representation across all areas of the publishing industry – from organising author talks and events for the wider Bloomsbury community to working to expand and amplify the range of LGBTQ+ authors that the company publishes.

As well as organising Pride and LGBT History Month events and celebrations for the company, we give LGBTQ+ staff the chance to share their views in an open forum, or on an anonymous basis for those not comfortable being ‘out’ in the workplace.

Network Co-Chairs: Tash Payne and Joanna Vallance

[email protected] 

Bloom (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic)

Bloom’s mission is to connect and offer support to our Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic colleagues providing a safe, inclusive and respectful community in which to share ideas and concerns. The group works collaboratively to develop programmes that will foster a more inclusive environment and celebrate minority cultures within both Bloomsbury and the wider publishing industry.

The Network supports Bloomsbury’s commitment to diversifying the workforce, and creating a work environment in which Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic employees feel included and thrive.

The group arranges various events – including a regular book club and Bloom’s first Black History Month in 2021, which was a huge success and featured a wider range of talks from Bloomsbury authors. We also run the Bloom Buddy Scheme, in which Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic new starters at Bloomsbury can sign up to be paired up with another Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic colleague, to help them form connections and start growing their network.

Network Co-Chairs: Akua Boateng and Tasneem Hafiz

[email protected] 

Parents, Guardians and Carers

The Parents, Guardians and Carers Network provides a positive forum for peer-to-peer support for Bloomsbury staff who manage vital caring duties alongside their work, while advocating for positive, company- and industry-wide change on the issues that impact our members.

We help shape and provide feedback on Bloomsbury policies, including the flexible working policy, and in 2021 we launched a buddy scheme for staff returning from parental leave, with the aim of making this ‘re-induction’ to work feel a bit less daunting.

Network Chair: Anna Fleming and Grainne McMahon

[email protected] 

Mental Health

The Mental Health Network supports Bloomsbury employees with their mental health, promotes good mental health and wellbeing, and helps the company develop policies to aid staff in managing work-life challenges.

In response to the pandemic, we championed the introduction of extended core working hours, a flexible working policy, and seasonal working hours. In 2021 we celebrated UK Mental Health Awareness Week with a series of speakers and events, and marked World Suicide Prevention Day and World Mental Health Day with resources for staff. We also trained and inaugurated our first Mental Health First Aiders, who are available to all staff.

We are advocates for Bloomsbury’s Employee Assistance Programme, which provides 24/7 support on a variety of subjects including mental health and wellbeing. Among others, we have projects in the pipeline to support staff going through the menopause, and returning to work after periods of absence.

Network Co-Chairs: Alexandra Betkowska and Jordan Wheeler

[email protected] 


The Accessibility Network supports all Bloomsbury staff with visible and invisible disabilities and neurodivergence, providing a safe and supportive space in which their voices can be heard and shared.

Disability is rarely discussed openly in the workplace and the Network seeks to change this, championing the needs of disabled staff, and working with Bloomsbury to improve accessibility and implement policies that make a difference.

Network Chair: Elizabeth Kellingley

[email protected]

Read more about Bloomsbury’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion here.

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